We are pleased to be partnering with Scimitar, to offer you a modern web-enabled kit order and delivery service. Our new range is of a higher quality than our previous kit and is produced from recycled materials. At the moment we are only able to offer vests and t-shirts, but we hope to increase our product range over time as we gauge demand. 

If you are unsure of your size, we have some samples in a range of sizes at St Mary’s Bryanston Square School, which is the current base of our Wednesday club runs. These are available to try on before or after the Wednesday evening runs. Please contact club-kit@serpentine.org.uk for more details.

Please remember it is mandatory to wear Serpentine kit to participate in club events such as the Handicap, Club Championship races, Cross Country competitions and Summer League. This can either be a club vest, T-shirt (short or long-sleeved) or a crop top. 

We hope that you’ll also chose to wear Serpentine kit when taking part in other races. This kit – its style, colours and the portrayal of our two distinctive gold hoops – is officially recognised by UK Athletics and will ensure you and/or your team are eligible to represent the club in that race. Wearing club kit is also a great way to be recognised by and meet fellow Serpentines, especially if you’re travelling further afield to take part in a race.


Standard Delivery (3-5 working days)


Standard Delivery (3-5 working days)